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spikey bottle stopper

Welcome to Spikey.co.uk 

Part of Honeey LTD - The Manufacturer / Distributor of SPIKEY Anti Spiking Bottle Stoppers 


In the same time it takes to read this sentence, someones drink can be spiked.

With Spiking on the rise, the Spikey Bottle Stopper is one of the most effective products protecting the public from Drink Spiking.


For Sales enquiries please email us on sales@honeey.co.uk


Honeey LTD proudly source or develop many of our original products in the UK such as our signature products: Travel Card Holders and Spikey Bottle Stoppers used by Millions of people nationally and internationally.


We have many products at very reasonable wholesale prices to cater to retail customers of all sizes, offices, schools and many other organisations. 


We have over 10 years experience in our field and as a result have curated household known products at competitive and reasonable prices.


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Honeey LTD

98 Hornchurch Road
 RM11 1JS

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